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Faray - Pre-Application Consultation

What's been happening?

Orkney Islands Council intends to submit a planning application in early 2021 for a wind farm development on the Island of Faray (British National Grid (BNG) 353112, 1036752).

The development will consist of up to six turbines with a maximum blade-tip height of 149.9m, access tracks, crane hardstandings, turbine foundations, underground cabling, on-site substation and maintenance building, temporary construction compounds and potential excavations/borrow workings.

As the development is classed as a 'major development' there is a requirement to submit a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) to the planning authority and carry out a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC).

The objective of the PAC is for communities to be better informed about major and national development proposals and to have an opportunity to contribute their views before a formal planning application is submitted to the planning authority.

Due to restrictions relating to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we were unable to hold a face to face public event. 

Recent emergency legislation from the Scottish Government has been extended to allow developers to carry out pre-application consultation via alternative means and therefore the following options were available to those who wish to be informed on the project and contribute their views.

The consultation period closed on November 30. Should you have any queries please contact Kirsty Groundwater, Project Officer, Orkney Islands Council by email on  or by phone on 07818508323.

What happens next?

The pre-application consultation period closed on November 30.  We had a great response to the consultation. Although we were restricted in being unable to carry out a face to face exhibition event, we were able to take up some really fantastic additional opportunities to consult with the local community including a request from Eday Community Council to send postal packs directly to people living in the community, video presentations to older pupils at Westray Junior High School and taking part in the Westray Wireless podcast, answering questions submitted by the community.  If you missed that, you can catch it here - Wireless Westray Podcast

One of the key concerns that was raised with us during the consultation period was the grey seal population attached to Faray. We've provided some additional information on that here.

The responses received during the consultation period will now go into a pre-application consultation report that is submitted as part of the planning application documents. In the pre-application report we’ll show how the comments received have shaped the final application.

We'd take the opportunity here to remind you that any comments received by us during the pre-application consultation were to us as the applicant, not the planning authority.  When the application is submitted – and you want to show your support or objection to the proposals – you still need to do that through the planning authority. Further information on how to do that will be made available when the planning application is submitted and ready for public comment.  We’re aiming for late January/early February to do this.

Where can I view the video presentation on the project or read more information?

You can access the video presentation below.  You can also access all the consultation documents from the Related Downloads section of this webpage.




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