Draft British Sign Language Local Plan 2018-2024 for Consultation (now closed)

Following the launch of the Scottish Government National British Sign Language (BSL) Plan in October 2017, we have developed a draft shared plan that covers the whole of Orkney. This shared plan is based on the national plan and sets out the actions we will take to improve the way BSL users find out about, and access our services.

We would like your thoughts on the draft plan. There are a number of ways you can have your say and feedback on the plan. You can email your response to the questions in the plan to equalitiesmonitoring@orkney.gov.uk, or come along to the Deaf Awareness event hosted by Orkney Children’s Deaf Society on Saturday 25 August 2018.

We have also produced a series of short videos, presented in British Sign Language, which cover all the areas of the plan. You can access these through the following links to our YouTube channel:

Introductory video.

About us.

Rationale for a shared BSL Plan.

Consultation and Engagement.

Who to contact.

Across all our services.

Family Support, Early Learning and Childcare.

School education.

Post school education.

Training work and social security.

Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Culture and the Arts.



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