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Orkney Island Council's Budget Simulator – your chance to balance our books

The budget simulator ran until 7 November 2016 and is just one of many communication and engagement activities we are planning. The response rate was excellent, with 375 individual submissions and we plan to provide feedback of the results later this year.

By taking part in this exercise, you showed us how you would choose to spend public money, and the services that are most important to you.

The exercise outlined that the Council’s main source of income comes from the Scottish Government and that this is expected to reduce substantially over the three years between 2017 and 2020. As a result, it was predicted that the OIC could have £9.5 million less to spend on Council services by 2020. As we have already identified additional income and budget reductions totalling £3 million, the simulator exercise focuses on the £6.5 million still to be found.

Whilst the feedback provided does not commit the Council to make any firm decisions regarding the range and scale of future services, it will be invaluable in helping inform the decisions the Council must take in setting our budget for 2017-2018 and for the years beyond.

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