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The A-Z of Services is a list of public services provided by Orkney Islands Council, alphabetically arranged and hyper-linked to the web page where the topic is discussed in greater detail. This is very similar to the way a traditional index, that is usually found to the rear of non-fiction books, works.

Menu Title starting with D
Damaged and Dangerous Paving Information about reporting damaged and dangerous paving to Orkney Islands Council.
Data Protection Policy Information on the Data Protection Policy.
David Dawson Details for Councillor David Dawson.
Dealing with your Application A description of what happens with an application before and after submission.
Death Registration Information about registering a death.
Deaths Information about bereavement.
Decision Making Details of the decision making process employed at Orkney Islands Council Committee meetings.
Declaration of Interest Details of the Councillors Register of Interests.
Deferred payment Scheme Deferred payments allow people to avoid selling their homes up front to meet their care home fees, by entering into a legal agreement to have part of their fees paid by their local authority.
Democratic Services Information about Democratic Services.
Demolitions and Dangerous Structures Information and services available on demolitions and dangerous structures.
Developing Inclusive Practice Information about developing inclusive practice.
Development and Infrastructure Development and Infrastructure Agendas, Reports and Minutes - May 2012 onwards.
Development and Infrastructure Committee - 2 April 2019 Development and Infrastructure Committee - 2 April 2019.
Development and Marine Planning Detail about the Development Planning Team.
Development and Marine Planning (Policy) Orkney’s terrestrial and marine planning policies and related guidance.
Development Briefs Information on Development Briefs and a list of approved Development Briefs.
Development Briefs and Design Statements Development Briefs and Design Statements Supplementary Guidance (7 Oct 2014.)
Development Management Guidance Development Management Guidance.
Dial-A-Bus Information on the Dial-a-Bus service in Orkney.
Diary of Council Meetings Diary of Council Meetings.
Direct Payments Direct Payments, which are sometimes referred to as Self Directed Support, are an alternative way of having your needs met after your community care or children’s services assessment has identified them.
Disability Equality Scheme Information on the Disability Equality Scheme.
Disabled Access Information on disabled access legislation for services and businesses.
Disabled Adaptation Grant Information regarding disabled adaptation grants available in Orkney.
Disabled Persons Act 1978 Relief Find out information about rates relief under the Disabled Persons Act 1978.
Discounted Travel Information on ticketing schemes for travel in Orkney.
Door-to-Door Metal Dealers Information for metal dealers who buy and sell on a door-to-door basis in Orkney.
Dounby School and Community Centre Information on the Dounby School and Community Centre, Dounby, Orkney.
Drinking in Public Places in Kirkwall View the Council's Byelaw covering drinking in public places in Kirkwall.
Dropped Kerbs Information about dropped kerbs.
Duke of Edinburgh Information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Duncan Tullock Details for Councillor Duncan Tullock.
Dynamic Youth Awards Information on the Dynamic Youth Awards.
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Information about Dyslexia Friendly Schools.

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