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Orkney Inter-Island Transport Study

The Orkney inter-island transport network, which consists of a combination of ferry and air services, connects 13 islands with Orkney mainland. These lifeline connections support the economies of Orkney’s island communities as well as providing personal accessibility to employment opportunities and access to key services such as education, health and leisure opportunities.

The inter-island transport network has been supported in both capital and revenue terms by the Council over many years. Whilst this remains the case, ageing assets, the availability of funding to councils to meet the costs of transport and the standards and levels of service generally available elsewhere led to consideration being given to the future of the inter-island transport network at the strategic level. To this end, the Council commissioned the Orkney Inter-Island Transport Study (OIITS), to develop and appraise options for the future of the inter-island transport services.

The purpose of the exercise was to determine the appropriate level of service for each island / island group and the funding implications of this. This provided the Council with an evidence base to inform discussions with Scottish Government. The study team, led by Peter Brett Associates LLP, developed, appraised and costed a set of capital (e.g. vessels, harbours, fixed links, airfields and aircraft (where appropriate) and revenue (i.e. additional sailings and / or flights or crew numbers) options. These options were based on transport problems within each island, identified by each local Community Council.

Following the submission of the final report in August 2016, a subset of these options will be taken forward for further development and appraisal.

The final report is in two parts, and is available to view or download as PDF documents from the 'Related Sites' section of this webpage.


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