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Club Templates

Orkney has around 135 sports clubs and associations representing a wide variety of sports. These clubs have different priorities and vary in size and structure. On Tuesday 31 January the Orkney Sports Club Pack – Advice and Good Practice for Sports Clubs and Orkney Sportsmark were launched. This pack and scheme was produced by the Sports Development Service (SDS) in partnership with the Orkney Sports Forum to help local clubs develop and operate safely. The pack has been split into seven sections, outlined below, and includes advice, guidelines, information and templates for registered sports clubs.

Club Constitution

All sports clubs working towards being a recognised sporting organisation locally through the Council’s support scheme or wishing to access grants must have a constitution. A constitution should be a very simple document which aims to ensure that the club runs smoothly. Another constitution template can be found on the Help for Clubs website devised by sportscotland, see the 'Related Sites' section of this webpage. When writing a constitution not all elements suggested in the templates will be relevant to every club and they should amend, add or delete as appropriate.

Membership Form Template

A Membership Form should be completed by all current and new members at the beginning of each season alongside payment of membership fees. Once membership starts to grow it is a good idea to set up a database to keep track of all membership details. Maintaining membership records in a database makes it easy to update records, send out information using mail merge and makes it easy when analysing the information. A sample form can be downloaded from the 'Related Downloads' section of this webpage.

Other sample forms can be found on the Help for Clubs website.

Club Attendance Register Templates

Club attendance register templates can be downloaded from the 'Related Downloads' section.

Parental and Medical Consent Form Template

Parents must always be given full and complete written details regarding the organisation and administration of any trips, activities, journeys or visits (i.e. trips to Shetland to compete or visiting specialist coaches from the National Governing Body). Details of trips or visits should be distributed to parents and guardians, alongside a contact number of accompanying adults in case of an emergency if away on a trip outwith Orkney. A sample Parental and Medical Consent Form can be downloaded from 'Related Downloads'.

Notice of Meeting and Previous Minutes Template

The Secretary should send out a notice of meeting, alongside the minutes of the previous meeting. This should be sent out at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Download a sample notice of meetings and previous minutes from 'Related Downloads'.

Incident and Accident Report Form Template

All clubs should have guidelines for dealing with an incident or accident. However, they should also have a report form in case something does happen. A link to a sample incident/accident report form is available from 'Related Downloads'.

Child or Vulnerable Adult Incident Report Form Template

A sample Child or Vulnerable Adult Incident Report Form Template is available from 'Related Downloads'

Club Development Plan Template

Club development planning is used to provide a common focus for a club and to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal - even if individuals go about achieving it in different ways. Planning can help your club identify its purpose, decide where it wants to be and go in the future, encourage working together as a team and enable you to check on any progress made. Three useful questions to ask when developing a plan is:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How are we going to get there?

If you would like more information on club development planning please see the contact us page. Alternatively, you may download a club development planning template using the link within the 'Related Downloads' section.