Helmet on loan for unique occasion

The tin helmet that saved Eric Linklater’s life during the First World War was donated to the Orkney Museum in 2005 by his son Magnus Linklater on behalf of Linklater family.

Eric Linklater's helmet - image collection.

Councillor Janice Annal, Chair of the Council’s Education, Leisure and Housing Committee, said: “We were pleased to loan the helmet to the Linklater family for this unique occasion – its return to the battlefield in Belgium where Eric served with the Black Watch.

“The helmet, with the entry and exit holes from the bullet which wounded him, provides visitors to the museum with a direct and poignant link to the conflict.

“Loans from our collection are usually made to museums and other institutions. In this instance, in the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, it is fitting for the helmet to play a part in commemorating Eric’s memory and the memory of those who did not return.

“In such special circumstances, we were happy to entrust the helmet to the safekeeping of Eric’s family for their visit to Belgium.”

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