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ActiveLife is Orkney’s exciting new leisure scheme offering unlimited access to 12 different sports and leisure venues across the county.

The joint initiative between Pickaquoy Centre Trust and Orkney Islands Council has one simple aim - to get more people, more active, more often.

Watch our promotional video!

ActiveLife launched on January 16, 2017. Thanks to all the good sports who let us film them in the lead-up to the launch  - we hope you enjoy this snapshot of the great facilities and activities available in Orkney.

Signing up?

You can sign up at the Pickaquoy Centre, Stromness Pool, KGS Sports Centre, Dounby Centre or any Healthy Living Centre.

What you need to bring

Bring full bank details including:

You also need to provide proof of address (such as a recent bill or Drivers Licence) for each person aged over 18.

If you are on means-tested benefits and want to apply for the Budget option, you should also bring your award letter.

As direct debits for memberships will be taken on the 1st of each month, there may be a one-off 'part payment' for folk wanting to start using their ActiveLife membership straight away.

More about the ActiveLife scheme

The scheme offers access to a host of facilities, activities and fitness classes available at:

The ActiveLife scheme is initially being launched as a two year pilot, which will be reviewed by the Council and the Picky Centre Trust after the first year.

Costs for an ‘ActiveLife’ membership will be:

Memberships will include half price ‘Learn2Swim’ blocks for children, which can be taken up at the Picky and Stromness pools. For those who qualify for the Budget membership, children will be eligible to attend Learn2Swim blocks for 50p per lesson.

Activities include (where available at each of the venues):

Frequently asked questions

How did ActiveLife come about?

A key aim of both the Council and the Pickaquoy Centre Trust is to encourage and enable an active, healthy community. This scheme is the result of the Council and the Picky Trust working together to try to achieve this fully as possible. In other areas of Scotland, similar schemes have quickly attracted many new members, and seen increased usage of facilities – a win win situation!

So - what’s not included?

The scheme does not include cinema tickets, exercise classes paid for in a ‘block’, or personalised gym programmes after initial programmes offered during signup. Also, only Learn2Swim lessons are discounted under the scheme (ie AquaFun and Pre-School swim blocks remain at their usual price).

Who is eligible for the Budget option?

If you are receiving a ‘means tested’ benefit payment, ie income support, pension guarantee credit, job seeker’s allowance, or employment support allowance, you are eligible for the Budget membership giving you access to activities at any centre for 50p per activity. As these benefits are based on household income, anyone residing at your address can also access activities for 50p per session.

Individuals receiving a war disability pension, disabled living allowance, personal independence payment, attendance allowance or carer’s allowance are entitled to the Budget option also (but not members of their wider household).

I don’t want to take up an ActiveLife membership – what are my options?

You can still use facilities, at the standard ‘Pay and Play’ rate at individual centres. There are no concession rates - this is to help encourage people to take up the pilot scheme and tap into the flexibility and wide range of activities it offers.

But won’t this cost some people more?

For some, the new fee structure will represent a modest increase over the course of month on what they are paying for an activity at the venue they are signed up with. However - the new scheme will provide unlimited activity sessions, on a wide range of activities, across all 12 facilities, giving many more options to be more active, more often.

The scheme is designed to provide a budget option for those who have a demonstrable need for it (ie are in receipt of means tested benefit payments), and an attractive but affordable scheme for everybody else.

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