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St Rognvald's House

This section provides details of the service available from St Rognvald's House. The information is divided into four sections:


St Rognvald's House has 40 permanent residents and 4 short break care beds. The home is divided into 2 separate Suite’s - St Mary’s Suite provides care for residents who have been assessed as having a dementia type illness. St Magnus Suite provides care for individuals who are elderly highly dependent or physically frail.

Bedroom Facilities

There are 6 bedroom wings, made up of 28 bedrooms with en-suite facilities and 16 bedrooms with a wash hand-basin. Each room has a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedroom chair, along with matching curtains and duvet covers. Bedroom doors are lockable; in order to promote the individual’s right to privacy and security of personal possessions. Lockable drawers are also available on request.

There are small lounges on each of the wings, which have a range of easy chairs, a television, video and music centre.

Lounge and Dining Room

There is also a large communal lounge and dining room just off the front entrance hall and a sitting area adjacent to this. All residents may choose freely where they sit during the day, whether it is in one of the lounges or in their own room.

Bathroom and Toilet Facilities

There is a communal bathroom and a separate toilet in each wing, all large enough to enable wheelchair access. In total there are four electrically operated baths with hoists to assist access, two manually operated baths and wheelchair accessible shower facilities. Electric baths may be used by residents to bathe themselves, thus ensuring privacy and independence. However, staff are required to assess the individual’s ability to carry out this task safely.

Personal Affects

Individuals are encouraged to make their rooms their own by bringing in personal affects, decorations, pictures, small items of furniture and photos. This enables the individual to feel at home and assist in the “settling in process”. To assist individual's to identify their own room, bedroom doors can be personalised by adding pictures as well as their name.

Electrical Equipment

Residents may bring in their own televisions, videos and music centres. Electrical equipment brought into the home will be subject to an electrical check prior to being authorised for use in the home. Senior staff will provide guidance on this issue.

Admission Procedure

St. Rognvald House is owned and run by Community Social Services, Orkney Islands Council. All beds are allocated through a system of assessments subject to the availability of beds within the home. The first step of admission is to contact Community Social Services who will allocate a Care Manager (Social Worker). They will assess the individual’s needs and make a recommendation for a placement at St. Rognvald House dependent on their assessment.

Making Contact - Arranging visits

Once a bed has been allocated, the senior staff at St. Rognvald’s will arrange to come to meet the individual, whether they are in hospital or in their own home. The Senior Social Care Worker will carry out a Pre-Admission Assessment to identify the individual’s care needs and allow them to plan for the individual’s admission and to ensure that all their needs will be met in their new home.

What's a Careplan?

A Care Plan will be formulated with the individual and their Key Worker, a Social Care Worker who has been identified as the resident’s key contact. The Key Worker is required to formally document the resident’s individual care and social requirements as well as assisting the resident with their in-house personal finances. The process of Care Planning includes a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s personal care needs and abilities, their dietary requirements, their ability to mobilise, their communication needs and spiritual and social preferences, taking account of their individual aims and aspirations as well as identifying any risks which they pose to themselves or others.

Respite or Short Breaks?

St. Rognvald House has four short-stay beds which are solely used to provide short-term care. The beds are booked by the Care Managers and allocated to the individual on a needs analysis basis. These ‘respite’ beds may be booked for a week, two weeks or longer, if necessary.

If a Short Break is Offered

If a short break is offered, then a senior member of St. Rognvald’s staff will carry out a Pre-Admission Assessment to determine the level of care required and to ensure that as much as possible of the individual’s independence is maintained during the stay.

Respite or Short Break Careplan

From this discussion, a Care Plan will be formulated which will detail the care the individual and the home have agreed upon.

Visiting St Rognvald's House Before Deciding

A visit to St. Rognvald’s is advised prior to admission to see the facility and what can be offered. When an individual takes up residence in the home, the staff will continue to work to the care plan previously agreed and add or amend as required.

Permanent Care - Moving to St Rognvald's House

A permanent bed may be offered to the individual when their care needs in the community can no longer be met. The individual will be invited to stay at St. Rognvald House for a trial period of six weeks. At this point the Care Manager, the resident, their family, the resident’s Key Worker and a member of the senior staff at St. Rognvald’s will arrange for a review meeting. The meeting is to discuss with the resident how and if they feel that their care needs are being met and to find out their thoughts and feelings about living in the home. Providing all parties are happy with the placement, a permanent place at St. Rognvald House will then be offered.

Reviewing the Situation

Review meetings will take place thereafter at six-monthly intervals. This is to discuss the ongoing care needs of the individual with the focus being on the individual resident’s thoughts and feelings. This is an opportunity for the family and the resident to meet with the staff from St. Rognvald House to formally discuss any issues or concerns which they may have with the resident’s care.

Philosophy of Care

St. Rognvald House staff tries to create a happy and homely environment where individual rights, freedom of choice, privacy, dignity and independence are promoted, respected and maintained. Residents are encouraged to lead as independent and normal a lifestyle as their abilities allow. All residents are encouraged to participate in the planning of their care needs and the formation of their individual care plans to reflect their individual choices and preferences.

Before Moving In

St. Rognvald House encourages all residents to bring with them personal possessions – any small, personal and sentimental items such as photographs, pictures and ornaments. Small items of furniture may also be brought in, but space may be limited. Please discuss this with a Senior member of staff and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you bring in any personal items with you, may we suggest that you take out any necessary insurance cover. Bringing in soft furnishings is prohibited due to the risk of fire.

Taking up Residence

We strongly advise that the trial period expires prior to the resident selling or passing-on property, in case it is felt that St. Rognvald House is not the right placement. Individuals are free to leave the home at any time, either before or after the introductory period. Every assistance will be given in finding the right alternative accommodation.

Daily Life at St. Rognvald’s

We try to make life in St. Rognvald’s as flexible as possible. Inevitably there are some basic routines, but these are guidelines for the staff and residents and we try to maintain a degree of flexibility in order to cater for the individual residents’ needs. The residents choose what time they wish to get up, when and where they eat breakfast, what they choose to wear for the day and when they retire in the evening, for example.

Breakfast is served daily between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. and a choice of menu is printed and displayed on the dining room tables at breakfast time. Lunch is from 12 noon and high tea is served between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. These times are guidelines and meal times are flexible to meet the individuals’ needs.

Staff will provide tea and coffee at mid-morning and mid-afternoon but refreshments are available at any time, day or night. All residents are provided with the choice of at least two different options at meal times. Should they wish to choose something not on the daily menus; the kitchen staff will do their best to accommodate this.

Laundry Service

A laundry service is provided which caters for bed-linen, towels and personal laundry. Personal laundry may be done by the residents’ families if this is their preference. The laundry department will ensure that all laundry is well maintained and undertake running repairs as required. To ensure that personal laundry is returned to its rightful owner, we advise that all clothes are labelled.

Books and Newspapers

St. Rognvald's House offer a small mobile library of the home’s own books some donated by the local library. Large print books and talking books are also available for residents who have sensory impairment.

Newspapers can be ordered from local newsagents. If necessary, an account will be set up between the newsagent and the individual resident.

Spiritual Needs

Services are held every Sunday afternoon in the dining room or front lounge. Various denominations take it in turn to provide this service and all are welcome. A list of services provided can be forwarded on request. All residents are asked whether they wish to attend the service each Sunday and be brought to the relevant area to take part.

Alcohol and Smoking

Residents are able to keep alcohol in the home, except where drinking is not advised for medical reasons. However, should a resident have a tendency to overindulge, causing distress to other residents or staff, then the home reserves the right to refuse the resident permission to consume alcohol on the premises. Smoking is usually supervised by a member of staff in one designated smoking area.

St Rognvald's House - Pets

St. Rognvald’s has a cat called Tibby and we also have various exotic birds which live outside in a purpose built aviary. There is also a pond in the garden with several fish. Families who have dogs are encouraged to bring them into the home to visit residents.


St. Rognvald’s has an open visiting policy whereby all families and friends are welcome to visit at any time. Visitors are requested to sign the visitors’ book at the front entrance. This is to ensure that we know who is in the building in the event of a fire.


A mobile pay telephone is available for the residents’ use. It is situated in the front reception area of the home. Private lines may also be installed into bedrooms, providing all costs are met by the resident or their family.


Residents are encouraged to keep their own money. However, the home does have a small safe where we can keep up to £100 per resident and where valuable items such as jewellery, etc. can be stored for safe keeping.


The home pays for a communal television license, but those wishing to have their own television in their private room are responsible for a further nominal fee which is payable annually. Residents over 75 years of age are exempt from this charge.

Going on Holiday or Taking a Trip

Residents are free to come and go as they wish, be it for part of a day, a weekend or a holiday. All we ask is that the senior staff at St. Rognvald’s are informed. St. Rognvald's House staff will assist where necessary in making arrangements.

We would appreciate it if we were informed of your holiday arrangements well in advance so that we can arrange to have the appropriate supply of medication available for the holiday date, if applicable.

Residents’ Meetings

St. Rognvald House schedules residents’ meetings every three months. These enable the residents to make comments and suggestions on anything that they may wish to discuss.


The Department’s guidance for weekly charges is reviewed annually. A full list of charges is available from the allocated Care Manager.

Further Information

For further information on St Rognvald's House services please contact:

St Rognvald's House

Old Scapa Road


KW15 1BB

Telephone: 01856 872106

Fax: 01856 876853