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Single Shared Assessment

A Single Shared Assessment looks with a person, at their circumstances and what they need.

There is now a single form used to gather information about you no matter which type of professional fills it in. You may also complete the form yourself if you are requesting a simple service. The single shared assessment means that if we record your details once we will not need to ask you again unless they change.

Who Will Assess my Needs?

If possible, the assessment will be done by the person who knows you best or is the most appropriate professional to assess or meet the type of needs you have. In Orkney, assessments are done by all of the following people:

  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Officers
  • Care Managers
  • Patient Care Co-ordinators
  • Housing Staff


Carers may also have their assessment done by staff from Orkney Carers Centre.

Can I See My Assessment?

Your assessment will be recorded with you, and you will need to see it to sign the form agreeing that is a true record. Please ask if you would like a copy to keep.

Will Anybody else see my Assessment?

When you first provide us with information, you will be asked if you consent to us recording your details so that the people who arrange your care have access to the information on a ‘need to know basis’. You can also see all the information we have on record about you. There may be a small charge if you want copies of paper records.

Data Protection Act 1998

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you may request access to the personal information we hold on you. A fee may be charged. Written requests enclosing a cheque or postal order should be sent to:

Data Protection Officer

Orkney Health and Care

Orkney Islands Council

School Place


KW15 1NY

What Happens Next?

If you need services, for which there is a charge, you will be asked to provide information for a financial assessment. This will let you know how much, if anything, you will need to pay. The services you need will be agreed with you and the people who will provide your care will contact you directly to arrange this.

Indicator of Relative Need

If you are over 65, your assessment will be used to calculate a score for your level of need. This will be anonymous but will help us to plan services to meet people’s needs in Orkney. The calculation we use is called an Indicator of Relative Need.

Further Information

For further information on Single Shared Assessment please contact Orkeny Health and Care on Telephone: 01856 873535, or view the contact us page within the Related Links section.