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Scottish Government (Transport) and Transport Scotland

Scottish Government Transport Department

The Scottish Government Transport Department has responsibility for the National Transport Strategy and policy in relation to Freight Transport, Aviation and Airports, Ferries, Ports and Canals, Sustainable Transport and Buses and Taxis.

Passengers' View Scotland

The Transport Department also coordinates Passengers' View Scotland (PVS), which is the new operating name for the Public Transport Users' Committee, and which was established on 1 January 2007 to advise Scottish Ministers in relation to public transport policy.

Mobility and Access Committee Scotland

A further Committee called MACS (Mobility and Access Committee Scotland) has also been established to advise Scottish Ministers how best they should take account of the interests of disabled people in the formulation of transport policies. Information on the activities of the Scottish Government Transport Department is available from the Scottish Government Transport Department website in the Related Sites section.

Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland. Our purpose is to help deliver the Scottish Government's vision for transport, making a real difference for people and businesses using the national rail and road networks.


Transport Scotland is responsible for helping to deliver the Government's £3 billion capital investment programme over the next decade, overseeing the safe and efficient running of Scotland's trunk roads and rail networks and establishing and running a national scheme for concessionary travel in Scotland. Information on the activities of Transport Scotland is available from the Transport Scotland website in the Related Sites section.

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