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School Enrolment

Primary One Enrolment

Details for primary one school enrolment are published in the local press, usually in February and March of each year. The information for session 2016/17 is available from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

General Enrolment

Please contact your local school to find out how to enrol your child. Contacts details for Head Teachers and schools as well as information on catchment areas can be accessed from the 'Related Links' section of this page.

Placing Requests

Parents who wish to apply for a place at a school or setting other than the local school should complete a Placing Request form. Further information is available within the 'School Placing Requests' page which can be also be accessed from the 'Related Links' section.

Where possible, parents wishes are met, however this might not always be possible should demand exceed the number of places available.

Early Learning and Childcare Enrolment

Information on early learning and childcare enrolment is available from the 'Early Learning and Childcare Enrolment' page within the 'Related Links' section of this page.

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