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School Contact Information

Primary Schools

Burray Primary School

Burray, KW17 2SS.

Acting Head Teacher: Bruce Pilkington.

Phone: 01856731208.

Fax: 01856731583.

Email Burray Primary School

Dounby Primary School

Dounby, KW17 2HT.

Head Teacher: Alastair Forsyth.

Phone: 01856771234.

Fax: 01856771701.

Email Dounby Primary School

Eday Primary School

Eday, KW17 2AA.

Head Teacher: Jean Harlow.

Phone: 01857622227.

Fax: 01857622227.

Email Eday Primary School

Evie Primary School

Evie, KW17 2PE.

Head Teacher: Ingrid Rendall.

Phone: 01856751237.

Fax: 01856751237.

Email Evie Primary School

Firth Primary School

Finstown, KW17 2ES.

Head Teacher: Ingrid Rendall.

Phone: 01856761212.

Fax: 01856761101.

Email Firth Primary School

Glaitness School

Kirkwall, KW15 1RP.

Acting Head Teacher: Rose Mazza.

Business Manager: Helen Killeen.

Phone: 01856873648.

Fax: 01856878868.

Email Glaitness School

Hope Primary School

St Margaret's Hope, KW17 2TN.

Acting Head Teacher: Bruce Pilkington.

Phone: 01856831217.

Fax: 01856831612.

Email Hope Primary School

Orphir Primary School

Orphir, KW17 2RF.

Acting Head Teacher: John Dearness.

Phone: 01856811265.

Fax: 01856811310.

Email Orphir Primary School

Papa Westray Primary School

Papa Westray, KW17 2BU.

Acting Head Teacher: Verity Branscombe.

Phone: 01857644226.

Fax: 01857644263.

Email Papa Westray Primary School

Papdale Primary School

Kirkwall, KW15 1PJ.

Head Teacher: Jane Bruce.

Business Manager: Kevin Balfour.

Phone: 01856872650.

Fax: 01856870392.

Email Papdale Primary School

Rousay Primary School

Rousay, KW17 2PR.

Acting Head Teacher: Erin Boyd.

Phone: 01856821226.

Fax: 01856821226.

Email Rousay Primary School

St Andrews Primary School

Toab, KW17 2QU.

Head Teacher: Mark Taylor.

Phone: 01856861256.

Fax: 01856861421.

Email St Andrews Primary School

Shapinsay Primary School

Shapinsay, KW17 2DY.

Head Teacher: Emma Clements.

Phone: 01856711218.

Fax: 01856711218.

Email Shapinsay Primary School

Stenness Primary School

Stenness, KW16 3LB.

Acting Head Teacher: John Dearness.

Phone: 01856850212.

Fax: 01856851814.

Email Stenness Primary School

Stromness Primary School

Stromness, KW16 3AN.

Head Teacher: Neil McIntosh.

Phone: 01856850544.

Fax: 01856850943.

Email Stromness Primary School

Junior High Schools

North Walls Community School

Lyness, KW16 3NX.

Head Teacher: Shirley Stuart.

Phone: 01856791246.

Fax: 01856791229.

Email North Walls Community School

Sanday Community School

Sanday, KW17 2AY.

Head Teacher: Wendy Bowen.

Phone: 01857600228.

Fax: 01857600246.

Email Sanday Community School

Stronsay Junior High School

Stronsay, KW17 2AE.

Head Teacher: Andrew King.

Phone: 01857616246.

Fax: 01857616433.

Email Stronsay Junior High School

Westray Junior High School

Westray, KW17 2DH.

Head Teacher: Sarah Jones.

Phone: 01857677353.

Fax: 01857677246.

Email Westray Junior High School

Secondary Schools

Kirkwall Grammar School

Kirkwall, KW15 1QN.

Head Teacher: Don Hawkins.

Business Managers: Karen Kent and Graeme Horne.

Phone: 01856872102.

Fax: 01856872911.

Email Kirkwall Grammar School

Stromness Academy

Stromness, KW16 3JS.

Head Teacher: Jane Partridge.

Acting Business Manager: Graeme Horne.

Phone: 01856850660.

Fax: 01856850171.

Email Stromness Academy

Links to each school's website can be accessed from the 'Related Sites' section of this page.

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