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Report a Missed Bin

If your bin has been missed, you should report this to our customer services team on 01856873535. Please note our bin collection guidance policy in the related downloads section of this page which states your bin should be out at the designated collection point no later than 08:00 on your collection day. Our refuse vehicles will not normally be sent back to your property if your bin has been missed unless in exceptional circumstances. If your bin has been missed, you can hold onto your waste until your next collection day when the Council will collect double or alternatively you can take your rubbish/recycling to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

During inclement weather such as high winds, the service may choose not to collect certain types of recyclates that are more prone to being blown away from the truck when the wheeled bin is being uplifted such as plastic bottles or paper and card, or they may choose to not collect any waste/recycling at all. When there is snow and ice on the roads, they may only collect waste/recycling where it is safe to do so for the refuse collection vehicle. For example they may miss side roads. In such circumstances, the service may return to collect the waste/recycling and notification is usually provided via OIC Updates on Facebook, or you can contact us on 01856873535 for further information. You are advised in these circumstances to leave your bin out for possible collection the following day or days.

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