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Agricultural Waste

Agricultural waste should be disposed of safely and without harm to the environment. With the introduction of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2005, meant that farms now have a duty of care to dispose of their waste like any other business.

The duty of care requires:

  • All waste is stored and disposed of responsibly
  • Waste is only handled or dealt with by individuals or businesses that are authorised to deal with it
  • A record is kept of all waste received or transferred through a system of signed 'Waste transfer notes’.

Agricultural waste can be disposed of using the Council’s kerbside collection service (details and prices can be found in the charging register on pages 26-30) or by taking the waste yourself to our waste transfer stations Chinglebraes or Bossack (details of materials accepted, and prices can be found in the charging register on pages 33-37).

Avoidance or minimalised waste is another option for farms through product design, recycling schemes and ‘take back’ services for veterinary or machinery wastes.

Burning on-farm waste

From 1 January 2019, the burning of most on-farm waste will come to an end. To comply with this, farmers can either take out a contract with the Council for a kerbside bin uplift service or setup an account at Chinglebraes or Bossack to dispose of the farm waste there themselves.

Plastic bale wrap can be recycled and taken away by either Solway Recycling or Isbister Brothers Ltd.

All farmers carrying their own waste to a point for disposal or recycling must be registered as a waste carrier, registry is free and can be applied for via SEPA.

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