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Property for Sale or Lease

Welcome to the Council’s property web page where you will find details of properties which are for sale or available for lease. Properties currently available are listed by location.

Each property listed has a Property Particulars document available for download which provides full details about the property.

If you are interested in leasing a property it is recommended that you review the properties listed before contacting the Council. If you are interested in purchasing a property you should refer to the Property Particulars where you will find information on how to submit an offer and to organise a viewing.

For further information or to arrange a viewing please contact:-

Estates Manager

Corporate Services

Orkney Islands Council

School Place



KW15 1NY

Email: property@orkney.gov.uk

Telephone: 01856 873535

Fax: 01856 876094

To view properties for sale and lease please see the links in this section at the side of the page.

The information contained on this website does not form part of any offer or contract.

Descriptive details including plans and photographs are indicative only and are not warranted or guaranteed. Whilst the content is believed to be correct, it should be noted that it is only for the guidance of prospective purchasers or leasees. It is recommended that you obtain independent professional advice prior to making an offer to buy or lease property.

Orkney Islands Council reserves the right to withdraw any property at any time, regardless whether an offer or interest has been received.

Orkney Islands Council also reserves the right to apply a closing date on any property without prior warning or consultation, and shall continue to market property until such time as a binding contract is in place.

No member of staff of Corporate Services, Orkney Islands Council has any authority to make or give any representation or warranty in connection with the above properties. The allocation and disposal of property shall be the exclusive right of Orkney Islands Council.

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