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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy service is for anyone with community care needs who requires help or advice to improve their functional abilities and become more independent. For children with disabilities, the service is provided via the NHS Orkney Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

What can the Occupational Therapy Service Provide?

An Occupational Therapist will look at all aspects of your daily living routine and work with you to look at ways of overcoming difficulties you may have because of your age or disability.

This might include how you manage your personal care tasks, doing your own domestic tasks or finding satisfying ways of spending your work/leisure time. You can have a copy of your assessment, please just ask your assessor. Copies can be provided in summary form, or in full, you can ask for either of these.

Care Management

If you need a range of different services, your Occupational Therapist may also act as your Care Manager to help organise other services, e.g. home care. If you already have a Care Manager, they may ask for a specialist assessment to be undertaken by an Occupational Therapist to look at specific needs. A leaflet explaining Assessment and Care Management is also available.

Information, Advice, Aids and Adaptations

A wide range of equipment is available for long term loan. Information and advice can be given about other equipment which we do not actually stock. Occupational Therapists also give advice and support for home adaptations to meet disability needs.

Where is it Provided?

Usually in the person’s own home but also in other settings e.g. day centre.

How can I Request this Service?

Anyone can ask to be seen by an Occupational Therapist. Information or advice can be given by contacting the Occupational Therapy team via the Duty Worker for Community Care Services on Telephone: 01856 873535.

Is there a Charge?

There is no charge for this service. Essential equipment is also provided free on loan. Adaptations to properties are funded in a variety of ways.

How Long Will I Have to Wait?

Priority is given to people with an urgent need. If your needs are urgent you will be seen within 5 working days or will be informed otherwise by letter.

How do I Return Equipment?

If you are no longer using your equipment or you have a problem with it, please contact the Occupational Therapy Technician on Tel: 01856 873535.

Suggestions or Complaints

If you have any comments or concerns about the service, you may wish to contact the Complaints Officer, Orkney Health and Care, Council Offices, School Place, Kirkwall. Tel: 01856 873535.