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Active Orkney

Purpose of the group

The Active Orkney Working Group was formed in 2010 with the aim of bringing together organisations  interested in promoting physical activity in Orkney.

A key aim was to create a games health legacy for Scotland in the run up to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and beyond.

The Active Orkney Working Group therefore works to coordinate and add value to opportunities to increase activity with individuals and the wider community.

To find out more, contact Janette Bews at Orkney Islands Council on 01856873535 or by email.


  • To increase awareness about the role of physical activity in health improvement.
  • To encourage and support individuals and communities to be more active.
  • To collaborate on providing opportunities for individuals and communities to be more active.
  • To address inequalities and develop affordable exercise and sports programmes that meet the needs of all communities in Orkney.
  • To identify and utilise opportunities to promote physical activity through key settings such as schools, workplaces and leisure facilities, and to key groups such as young women and older adults.
  • To bring together the need for revenue at leisure facilities with the aspiration to promote accessible and enjoyable activities for all.
  • To act as a focus for national initiatives or funding opportunities, coordinating local initiatives and feeding back Orkney information e.g Active Nation.
  • To investigate funding opportunities for initiatives such as Exercise on Prescription.
  • To feed into the wider health improvement and sports development agendas by liaising with key strategic planning groups in Orkney.


  • The group will agree on a Chair Person, Vice Chair and Secretary for each financial year.
  • The group will meet at least 4 times per year, meetings will be shaped by an agenda to which all members can contribute, and minutes will be produced within 2 weeks of each meeting.
  • The group will include suitable representation from NHS Orkney, OIC Leisure Services and The Pickaquoy Centre.

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