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Local Transport Strategy

The Local Transport Strategy is a framework for how the Council intends to deliver on its own and national objectives at a local level, and it also includes an action plan detailing how the Council’s challenges will be met and opportunities achieved.

Transport is a vital part of everyday life for Orkney. What we are trying to achieve through the Local Transport Strategy, LTS is consistent with the National Transport Strategy, which has “improving journey times and connections, reducing emissions and improving quality, accessibility and affordability” as the three key strategic outcomes that must be focused upon in Scotland. The LTS is also consistent with the aims and intentions of The Highlands and Islands Strategic Transport Partnership, HITRANS, Regional Transport Strategy.

We want to “promote, encourage and deliver an effective and efficient transportation network that supports the economic vitality, community well-being and environmental integrity of all of Orkney.” We will do this by focusing on six objectives:

  • Ensuring that travel opportunities meet the needs of the whole community.
  • Integrating various means of travel around Orkney.
  • Promoting accessibility for all.
  • Increasing levels of active travel.
  • Making travel safer.
  • Reducing traffic in sensitive areas.

Inter-Isles Connections

A key development coming up for Orkney’s transport network is the programme of work to enhance the inter-isles connections. Other major developments which will assist in delivering our LTS objectives are:

  • Improving, extending and maintaining the walking and cycling network.
  • Improving and integrating information and ticketing systems.
  • Developing the bus network.
  • Securing the ongoing provision of lifeline services to the isles.
  • Sustaining and improving connections in the locally significant road network.
  • Developing a Travel Plan for the Council.
  • Continuing to support Travel Plan development at Schools across Orkney.
  • Developing a Parking Strategy for the County.

Please see the documents available to download for additional information in the Related Downloads section of this page.

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