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In Scotland each Local Authority Verifier is responsible for ensuring that the construction, alteration, extension, demolition and conversion of buildings are conducted so as to ensure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of all people using them.

Design and Construction

The design and construction of buildings should comply with the current Building Standards Scotland Regulations 2004 as amended for most classes and types of building, whether public or private and includes Houses, Shops, Leisure Facilities, Factories, Warehouses etc.

The Building Standards Function of the Orkney Islands Council inspects the plans for all works that require Building Warrant whether it’s for the erection, change of use, alteration or extension of a building and is also necessary for the demolition of a property.

Why Do Building Standards Inspect My Plans?

This is to check for compliance with the current Building Regulations and once the Council is satisfied with the plans, Building Standards will issue a Building Warrant, this is the legal permission to commence work and is valid for three years.

Once permission has been gained, a Building Standards Inspector may periodically inspect the site during construction to ensure that the approved plans are adhered to.

Domestic and Non-Domestic Technical Handbooks

The Domestic and Non-Domestic Technical Handbooks and other guidance can be viewed on the Scottish Building Standards website, available from the 'Related Sites' link on this page.

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