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Support for Adults with Incapacity

It is important to consider what would happen should you or a relative lose the capacity to make important decisions in life, including those required to manage a tenancy or finances. Although it may seem like something that can be left to another day, or may be uncomfortable to consider, it is vital that people have plans in place should the worst happen. Arranging a power of attorney can ensure that someone has powers to act on your behalf to terminate a tenancy etc should this be required once you no longer require to live in the property.

In 2000 the Scottish Parliament passed The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act. The main aim of The Act is to allow individuals the authority to make decisions for another individual who either is or who may become incapable of looking after their own affairs.

The Act allows individuals to:

  • Create a Power of Attorney
  • Apply to access money using the Access to Funds Scheme
  • Apply to make a Financial Intervention
  • Apply to be a Financial Guardian

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