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Your Housing Options Guide

This guide provides a wide range of housing information and options that are available in Orkney to help people in housing need make informed choices about their particular housing problem or issue.  The guide is, however, also designed for those agencies in Orkney who provide housing information and advice.  It aims to provide them with an accessible, reliable reference source that they can draw upon to help them to provide their customers with high quality advice.

How to use this guide

Please select the link below which best reflects your current housing situation or the information you are looking for. You can click on the relevant image and the link will then take you to a page with further information and advice relevant to your housing enquiry.


I'm in a property and needing advice.       I'm homeless or going to become homeless.       I'm looking for a property.


I need help with my housing costs.       I am or want to become a landlord.       I'm looking for information.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Scottish Social Housing Charter was approved by resolution of the Scottish Parliament on 14 March 2012 and took effect on the 1 April 2012. it was revised in 2017. The purpose of the Charter is to help improve the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide, and supports the Scottish Government's long term aim of creating a safer and stronger Scotland.

It will do this by:

  • Stating clearly what tenants and other customers can expect from social landlords, and helping them to hold landlords to account.
  • Focusing the efforts of social landlords on achieving outcomes that matter to their customer.
  • Establishing a basis for the Scottish Housing Regulator to assess and report on how well landlords are performing.

This assessment will enable the Regulator, social landlords, tenants and other customers to identify areas of strong performance and areas which require improvement.

The current Charter will continue to apply until the Scottish Parliament approves a revised Charter.

A copy of the Charter is available on the Scottish Government’s website, a link to which can be found in the related sites section of this page.

Housing Services Annual Reports

Housing Services Annual Reports can be viewed via the 'Related Links' section of this page.

Sheltered Housing Consultation

The 'Sheltered Housing Consultation' is now live and is available from the 'Related Links' section of this page.


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