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Financial Assistance and Advice

Please note that there is currently an issue in downloading the four seperate PDF files in the 'Related Downloads' section of this page. All four files have been provided in the ZIP file titled 'Financial Advice and Assistance documents'. Until further notice, please download the zip file if you require any of the documents.

The Council offers advice, support and financial assistance to help businesses establish themselves, expand, develop and reach new markets.


  • The Council encourages business innovation and so applications for assistance on larger, more diverse projects are considered by the Development and Infrastructure Committee as they emerge.
  • Sector-wide schemes which aim to spread the benefits throughout an entire sector rather than at the level of individual business are also encouraged provided they meet the objectives of encouraging economic diversification; raising the average wage rate; and/or overcoming barriers to export.
  • We do not usually provide financial assistance to businesses in the retail goods/services sector.  However, support may be awarded towards the setting up of an innovative, new service, not already available in Orkney, provided it is not just a marginal modification of an existing business.

Applying for Grant Assistance

For further details and advice regarding Economic Development Grant assistance, please contact the Business Gateway on Telephone: 01856 886666. See the attached PDF's for additional guidance in the Related Downloads section at the side of the page.

Community Based Projects

We also offer financial assistance to a wide-range of community based projects such as the Rural Shop Improvement Scheme and the Archaeology Fund.

There is an attached PDF within the Related Downloads section with additional support for financial assistance.

Further Information

Please contact the Council's Economic Development Staff on 01856 873535 or by email.