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Students who transfer from island schools to Papdale Halls do in the main make that transfer at set times each year which we refer to as our Transitions Process which broadly speaking is set out below.

Transitions Process

  • Transfer visits: Papdale Halls’ staff together with staff from Kirkwall Grammar School and Skills Development Scotland visit each island school as requested.
  • Meet with islands school staff.
  • Meet with student and their family for one to one interviews.
  • Provide Admissions Pack.
  • Arrange for overnight “taster” stay at halls of residence and visit to Kirkwall Grammar School for student along with other possible transferees in that age group.
  • Families are invited to visit halls to meet staff, be shown around and discuss care arrangements for their child.
  • A Personal Plan is prepared for each student identifying any requirements that they may have and detailing how these will be met.
  • Care staff offer a follow up home visit to each family.

We provide full information to students and their families about Papdale Halls of Residence in our “Admissions Pack” which consists of:

  • Information on our web site.
  • An admissions application form.
  • The National Care Standards for School Care Accommodation Services.
  • Residents' handbook.
  • Parents' handbook.
  • Complaints procedures.

This includes information on:

  • Standard of Care in line with National Care Standards for School Care Accommodation Services as published by the Scottish Government (2005) details of which can be found on the Scottish Government’s website in the related links section of this page.
  • Staffing.
  • Accommodation.
  • Catering.
  • Hours of business.
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Office contacts.

The admissions pack will be available in the related downloads section of this page in the near future. In the meantime please contact the Papdale Halls of Residence directly for a copy of the pack.