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Sustainable and Active Travel.

This section contains details of sustainable and active ways to travel in Orkney.

Mile for mile, short car trips create the most CO2 emissions. So if you’re not going far, why not walk instead? As well as helping the environment, you’re likely to feel better too. And it’s free.

Electric vehicles are already an increasingly common sight on local roads, and Orkney Islands Council is keen to promote their use, through Orkney’s Electric Future, which is aimed at encouraging a further uptake in numbers of EVs, reducing consumption of fossil fuels and raising demand for something our islands have in abundance – locally-generated renewable energy.

EV Charging Infrastructure Design Guide

EV Charging points are possibly the most expensive piece of infrastructure presently being installed in public car parks and it is important that they are installed in the best locations within chosen sites. 

The Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF), with the support of the Electric Vehicle Association of Scotland, has produced a guide to help Orkney Islands Council and designers make the most of the limited money available for charging infrastructure.

The guide seeks to develop good practice for charging infrastructure in terms of safety, signage and general use and has been designed to help designers make best use of scarce resources.

OREF would welcome any feedback on the document and you will find the external link to the document in the 'Related Sites' section of this page.

A list of EV charging points currently available in the County can be found under the 'Related Downloads' section.

Electric bicycles are also available in Orkney, and details of where to hire can also be found under the 'Related Downloads' section.

Orkney's Green Travel Plan

Orkney Islands Council adopted its Green Travel Plan following committee approval in November 2016.  The Plan aims to:

  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of the people of Orkney.
  • Promote, encourage and enable safe, active and sustainable travel so that they become the modal choice for everyday journeys thereby reducing Orkney’s Carbon footprint.
  • Improve the cycling and walking environment by connecting current infrastructure (subject to external grant funding) and create a comprehensive network that will encourage a greater number of walking and cycling trips.
  • Reduce parking congestion problems at workplaces, reduce business mileage claims and business travel costs.

The objectives of Orkney’s Green Travel Plan are:

  • To increase the modal share in active and sustainable travel i.e. walking, cycling and use of public transport for everyday journeys.
  • To incorporate the needs of pedestrians and cyclists into all traffic management schemes.
  • To increase the modal share of car sharing journeys, reducing the mode share of single occupancy car journeys.
  • To reduce the modal share of private car use of business trips.
  • To enable and encourage where practicable, people to work at or closer to home.
  • The introduction of behaviour change marketing of active and sustainable travel modes, providing enabling interventions and information subject to external funding.

The Green Travel Plan is available to download from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

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