Housing Land Audit

Orkney Islands Council, in line with Scottish Planning Policy, is required to carry out a Housing Land Audit (HLA). This is an audit of the land that has been allocated as ‘immediate new housing areas’ in the Orkney Local Development Plan (OLDP).

The purpose of this audit is to monitor the land that has been allocated via the OLDP to ensure that there is an adequate supply of developable land for the duration of the OLDP, and beyond.

In addition, although at the time of publishing the OLDP, all sites allocated as immediate new housing areas are deemed to be free from unsurmountable constraints, it is appreciated that on the preparation of a site development brief and/or or during the planning application process, constraints obstructing or delaying the application may come to light.  Any sites where such constraints have been highlighted are noted in this audit.

Prior to the audit each year, a full survey will be carried out on each allocation to identify emerging constraints.

Please note that this audit is dated 31 March 2014, based on the housing allocations identified via the 2014 Orkney Local Development Plan.  The 2017 Orkney Local Development Plan was adopted in April 2017, therefore future Housing Land Audits will be based on the updated 2017 – 2021 housing allocations.

The Housing Land Audit 2017 has been published in an interactive, online format, which is available via the 'Related Sites' section of this webpage. 

If you have any questions about the HLA or require assistance viewing the information, please contact Development and Marine Planning on 01856873535.

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