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St Colm’s Short Breaks Bungalow

What is it?

The St Colm’s short breaks service provides a service for adults with learning disabilities who at present live at home with parents/family/carers.

The service is for adults aged 18 to 65 and is registered as a Care Home with Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland.

Who is it for?

The short breaks service can be accessed by individuals who have a variety of complex needs associated with learning disability including autistic spectrum disorder and physical disabilities

Aims of the Service

To support and sustain individuals living in the community, by providing a short break for the individual and their carer at home.

Support offered promotes independence, is flexible, sensitive and respectful of each person’s right to make informed choices, based on the National Care Standards.

How do People Access the Service?

If you feel you or the person you care for would benefit from the service offered at the St Colm’s Short Breaks Service, you should contact your care manager if you have one, or the Adult Social Work Team Duty Social Worker.

Your referral will be forwarded to the Learning Disabilities Social Work Team duty desk.

If your referral meets the Orkney Islands Council eligibility criteria, a social worker will carry out an assessment of need.

If your assessed need meets the criteria for the service, the worker will make a service request to the St Colm’s Short Breaks service.

What Happens When a Place is Offered?

If you are offered a short break, you will be offered the opportunity to visit the property.

If you wish to proceed with the short break, you will be allocated a named member of staff from the Short Breaks Bungalow, called a “keyworker” who will design a care plan with you.

Your care plan will contain information about your likes, dislikes, support and care needs.

You will also be provided with a residency agreement which outlines what you can expect from the service.

After 6 weeks there is a formal review to make sure the service is meeting the required needs of the individual.

Once you attend the Short Breaks Bungalow on a regular basis, your placement will be regularly reviewed to ensure the service meets your needs.

What Happens at the St Colm’s Short Breaks Bungalow?

Staff support each individual who uses the service to access their normal daily activities which may include attending the day centre, going out with friends/carers or attending social events.

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of the service is subject to an Orkney Health and Care Financial Assessment (includes meals).

Where is it?

The St Colm’s short break bungalow is situated behind St Colm’s Day Centre, off Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall.

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