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Keelylang Day Centre

What is it?

Keelylang Day Centre offers specialised day opportunities for adults aged 18 to 65 and is registered with Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland.

Who is it for?

Day services are provided for adults who have profound learning disabilities with associated complex needs including autistic spectrum disorder.

Aims of the Service

The Centre aims to provide a person centred approach based on the National Care Standards and the principles of “The Same as You?” report. The service aims to provide quality day opportunities which are structured, stimulating and meaningful

How do People Access the Service?

If you feel you or the person you care for would benefit from attending Keelylang Day Centre, you should contact your care manager if you have one, or the Adult Social Work Team Duty Social Worker through the main council switchboard.

Your referral will be forwarded to the Learning Disabilities Social Work Team duty desk.

If your referral meets the Orkney Islands Council eligibility criteria, a social worker will carry out an assessment of need, then if your assessed need meets the criteria for the service, the worker will make a service request to Keelylang Day Centre.

What Happens When a Place is Offered?

Prior to a place being offered, there is a “pre-placement meeting” where all the transitional arrangements required to attend the day centre are made including transport arrangements if required.

All arrangements are formally recorded in a “placement agreement”. There is then an assessment period which usually lasts 6 weeks. At the end of this period there is a formal review to make sure the service is meeting the required needs of the individual.

Once you attend the centre on a regular basis, your placement will be regularly reviewed to ensure the service continues to meets your needs.

What Happens at Keelylang Day Centre?

You will be allocated a named member of staff called a “keyworker” who will design a care plan with you and your carer.

Your care plan will contain all relevant information about your care needs and an activity timetable for when you are at the centre.

Activities on your timetable may be based in the day centre or in the community.

How Much Will it Cost?

The current charge for the service is a lunch-time meal charge of £4.50 per day.

Where is it?

Keelylang is part of the St Colm’s Complex, Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall.

Vision and Values

Orkney Health and Care is committed to:

  • Providing quality and best value social work and social care services to meet the needs of vulnerable, disadvantaged or alienated people in Orkney and protecting Orkney’s community, respecting people’s worth and dignity and ensuring that their rights are protected and promoted. We will consider the needs and priorities of the community and continue to invest in services to meet these needs.
  • Promoting a healthier community with a better quality of care provided to all those in need.
  • Ensuring openness and promoting an atmosphere of trust.  We are working towards the ideal of equal access across all services to all.

Aims and Objectives

Orkney Health and Care has seven key aims, which ensure the delivery of high quality services. Each aim is supported by a number of detailed objectives, which will ensure that the aim is not just aspirational, but also deliverable.

  1. To provide a range of high quality services which meet the  needs of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and alienated people in the community.
  2. To provide services which are inclusive and accessible.
  3. To develop new services to meet assessed current and future need.
  4. To promote meaningful partnerships with other statutory and voluntary agencies.
  5. To develop and support all staff.
  6. To develop quality buildings and infrastructure.
  7. To manage the service and manage change effectively.

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This leaflet can be made available in appropriate languages on request and in different formats, such as large print, tape and Braille.