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Disabilities and Adapting Homes

If a resident is visually impaired, hard of hearing or has other disabilities for which he/she may need special equipment or adaptations to his/her home the local authority will provide such equipment which will assist in overcoming difficulties subject to an assessment of personal needs to determine eligibility.

Who Helps?

The Occupational Therapy Section of Orkney Islands Council can supply you with some equipment and organise adaptations to your home if this is the best way of meeting your needs once they have discussed your difficulties with you.

There are some items of equipment that are available free on a long term loan.

The Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Officer (for people with sensory impairments) can also advise you on the suitability of and sources for other equipment that they do not stock. You may be eligible for a Direct Payment if you have an assessed need and meet the criteria for help but want to buy equipment yourself.

This service is for anyone with community care needs who requires help or advice to improve their functional abilities and become more independent. For children with disabilities, the service is provided via the NHS Orkney Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

Information, Advice, Aids and Adaptations

A wide range of equipment is available for long term loan. Information and advice can be given about other equipment which we do not actually stock. Occupational Therapists also give advice and support for home adaptations to meet disability needs.

Is There a Charge?

There is no charge for this service. Essential equipment is also provided free on loan. Adaptations to properties are funded in a variety of ways.

Adaptations for people with disabilities are funded in a variety of different ways depending upon the nature of the works and the ownership of the property involved. The Occupational Therapists work together with the following groups to seek appropriate sources of funding wherever possible.

  • Orkney Islands Council Housing division
  • Orkney Housing Association Limited
  • Orkney Islands Property Development Ltd
  • Orkney Care and Repair
  • Orkney Islands Council Legal Services

Further Information

For further information regarding Disabilities and Adapting Homes, please contact the Occupational Therapy team on Telephone: 01856 873535, or vist our contact us web page within the Related Links section.