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Building Standards

 Image of newly built house in Finstown.

The main role of Building Standards is to protect the public interest by providing an independent check of applications for Building Warrants to construct or demolish buildings, to provide services, fittings and equipment in buildings, or to convert buildings.

An important aspect of the Building Warrant process is that a Completion Certificate is obtained on completion of the works. Our inspection team undertakes periodic inspections during construction to ensure that works are completed in accordance with the conditions of the Building Warrant and Building Regulations.

Building Standards carry out an enforcement role to ensure that the public are protected where owners allow their buildings to fall into a dangerous or defective condition.

We can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of building or altering property in Orkney, including Building Warrants, Completion Certificates, Demolition, Dangerous and Defective Buildings, Disabled Access and Home Improvement Grants.

You’ll also find in this section an assortment of information leaflets, application forms, registers of Building Warrants applied for and Completion Certificates issued, and performance monitoring of the Service by exploring the menu on the left.

Note that if you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and you may have other duties as well – find out more at their website available from the 'Related Sites' section on this page.

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