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Organisations that wish to provide bingo or other types of gaming for charitable or other non-commercial purposes e.g. to raise funds for a society, may do so under the Gambling Act 2005.

The Act permits non-commercial gaming if it takes place at a non-commercial event, either as an incidental or principal activity at the event. Events are non-commercial if none of the proceeds are for private profit or gain. The proceeds of such events may benefit one or more individuals if the activity is organised:

  • By or on behalf of a charity or for charitable purposes.
  • To enable participation in, or support, sporting, athletic or cultural activities.

The Gambling Act 2005 can be accessed from the Related Sites section on this page.

Further information can also be accessed from:

  • Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
  • Gambling Commission.
  • Scottish Government.

A fact sheet is available for download from the Related Downloads section on this page.

If you require further information about this topic please contact the Licensing Team, Legal Services, on telephone: 01856873535 extensions 2229 or 2232 or via email.

If you would like to see someone in person to discuss a licensing matter please contact the Licensing Team to make an appointment.

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