Website Accessibility

We aim to ensure that our website can be used as effectively and easily as possible by all users.

Our website is tested quarterly by Sitemorse as are all UK Local Authority websites. We consistently achieve and maintain Web Accessibility Initiative level 2 (AA).

Sitemorse Quarterly Rankings

Audit PeriodOrkney Islands Council RankingLocal Authorities AuditedScore
2019 - Quarter 1. 2. 406. 9.4 / 10.
2018 - Quarter 4. 2. 397. 9.7 / 10.
2018 - Quarter 3. 2. 408. 9.7 / 10.
2018 - Quarter 2. 3. 409. 9.2 / 10.
2018 - Quarter 1. 6. 409. 8.6 / 10.
2017 - Quarter 4. 2. 409. 9.3 / 10.
2018 - Quarter 3. 2. 407. 9.5 / 10.
2017 - Quarter 2. 26. 407. 7.0 / 10.
2017 - Quarter 1. 2. 408. 9.4 / 10.
Sitemorse Top 10 Badges for the last 5 quarter audits.

Award certificates from Sitemorse can be accessed from the 'Related Downloads' section of this page.

The website is designed to be used by all browsers and devices with an emphasis placed on trying to provide information that can be easily and efficiently viewed.

Our commitment is to continually improve the website and meet legislation and guidelines.

Website documents

All of our downloadable documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be read through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We are currently updating BrowseAloud and it will be available again shortly.

If you have trouble reading text online or wish to read in a different language you can use the BrowseAloud tool to have the text read out loud to you. It is simple to use and you don’t have to download any additional software.

Blind and partially sighted users can obtain information on viewing pdf documents by visiting the Adobe access website.

Plain English

We aim to use plain language and avoid unnecessary jargon and acronyms on this website. There are pages or documents, such as planning documents or council reports, where complex or technical language is often necessary and used.

We follow plain English guidelines to try and make the content of the website as clear as possible.

Contact and feedback

Orkney Islands Council are committed to improving levels of accessibility for all website visitors. If for any reason you have problems accessing information please contact and we will do our best to help.

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