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Special offer composters sell out in a day

Special offer composters sell out in a day
25 August 2017

A new Council initiative to help people in Orkney turn food waste into garden compost has proved a great success with a special offer on food and garden waste digesters selling out in less than 24 hours.

Fifty Green Johannas were on offer at a special rate – giving people the opportunity to both recycle left-over food and enrich the fertility of their gardens.

All fifty of those on special offer were snapped up from the website in one day – and Great Green Systems, the company who produce the digesters, believe it is the best response they had seen from a council area.

Jayne Venables, the Council’s Waste Strategy Officer said: “We are delighted that the reduced price Green Johannas have been so popular with Orkney’s Mainland residents. So popular in fact that they have flown off the shelf in less than a day!

“This is a real success story and we are so pleased that we have been able to assist 50 residents in setting up an eco-friendly way of managing food waste whilst creating a great by product for their garden.”

Orkney mainland residents can still obtain a Green Johanna and a Jacket, saving £50 overall when purchased together. In the meantime, Orkney Islands Council will continue to look into ways of subsidising these products in the near future. These can be purchased through the Great Green Systems website.

Orkney Zerowaste are still working through a similar arrangement for people living in the North and South Isles and as per previous communications, residents of these Isles should email Andrew Bowman.