Ticket books update from Orkney Ferries

Ticket books update from Orkney Ferries
27 September 2018

Isles residents with more than one car can now have two vehicles linked to books of travel tickets issued by Orkney Ferries.

Discounted multi-journey books of tickets have been available from the ferry company for a number of years.

Up to now, each book of vehicles tickets carried the registration number of a single vehicle.

“The Board of Orkney Ferries recently considered a request that originated with Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Community Council,” said Ferry Services Manager Andrew Blake.

“The Board was happy to allow two vehicle registrations per book of vehicle tickets for privately owned vehicles under five metres in length from now on for residents of the North and South Isles.”

People will need to provide V5C documentation for each vehicle. This is the paper document issued by the DVLA that shows who the registered keeper of a vehicle is and where they live.

There will be no charge for adding a second registration number to an existing book of tickets.

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