Stories of our time by Robinson RR – a new exhibition at Orkney Museum

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Stories of our time by Robinson RR – a new exhibition at Orkney Museum
05 October 2018

Next Saturday (13 October) sees the opening of the first autumn/winter 2018 exhibition at the Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, Broad Street, Kirkwall.

‘Stories of Our Time’ is a collection of woodcut and linocut prints and sculpture by South Ronaldsay artist Robinson RR – better known to his former pupils are Ralph Robinson. The artwork is influenced by stories from the past, like Robinson Crusoe, The Good Samaritan and Odysseus, while relating them to present day events.

Robinson RR explains: 'Can the stories of the past act as a lodestone for us to navigate our way to a safe haven in the sea of troubles of our present day? This show seems to think so or, at the very least, it makes us believe that we can. The works remind us of the deeds of fictional heroines and heroes as they overcome their moral struggles, and as we judge their actions, we are faced with our own decisions with regard to the momentous events of our days. The exhibition employs the visual equivalents of allegories, parables, epic poetry, sermons and sculpture to stir our emotions and interrogate our principles.’

‘Stories of Our Time’ runs from the 13 October – 3 November. The Orkney Museum is open Monday to Saturday, 10:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00. Admission is free.

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