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Share your views on core paths network

Share your views on core paths network
10 July 2017

Feedback is invited following a review of the Orkney’s core paths network.

All local authorities in Scotland have a duty to draw up a plan of the key paths in their area, after consulting with local communities, land managers and path users.

Orkney’s core paths plan, published in December 2008, identifies a framework of paths that provide local people and visitors with opportunities to enjoy and get around the countryside across the islands.

Local authorities are also required to review their core paths network periodically.

Orkney Islands Council has recently carried out this exercise and has now published an updated version of the plan in draft form along with maps showing the proposed changes.

“A formal consultation on this will take place later this year,” said Planning Manager Stuart West.

“But in the meantime we would encourage land owners and people who use the paths to look at changes we are proposing and provide us with their initial views, comments and ideas.

“Many of suggested changes for the core paths network have come about as a result of discussions with land owners and path users over the years since the plan was first adopted.

“If you own land, or use paths, where changes are proposed – please get in touch with us. We hope to get as much feedback as possible, as this will help shape the final version of the Council’s updated core paths plan.”

Paper copies of the draft plans can be viewed at OIC Customer Services and the Orkney Library in Kirkwall, and the Warehouse Buildings in Stromness.

Feedback can be provided until Monday 28 August 2017. You can send an email to devplan@orkney.gov.uk, phone 01856873535, extension 2541, or write to the Access Officer, Development and Marine Planning, Council Offices, Kirkwall KW15 1NY.