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Postal vote packs arriving

Postal vote packs arriving
23 May 2017

Postal voting packs for the forthcoming UK Parliamentary Election on 8 June will start arriving through Orkney letterboxes from today (Tuesday 23 May).

Postal vote packs will contain three items; a ballot paper, a return envelope and a postal voting statement attached to a ballot paper envelope.

Voters should take time to ensure that they have completed the postal voting statement correctly, making sure that they have signed the statement and filled in the box for their date of birth.

Anyone can apply for a postal vote. The deadline for applying is 17:00 today (Tuesday May 23). Contact the Electoral Registration Office on 01856876222 or drop into their offices on 8 Broad Street, Kirkwall or by email ero@orkney.gov.uk

The UK Parliamentary General Election takes place on 8 June with polling stations open across Orkney between 07:00 and 20:00.

Postal votes should be posted to reach the Council Offices no later than 20:00 on June 8.

However, postal votes can also be handed into polling stations and the Council Offices at School Place on the day of the election before 20:00.

For the General Election on June 8, the polling station in Evie will be at the Evie Church rather than at the school.