Mid-term Council appointments take place

Mid-term Council appointments take place
14 May 2019

At today’s Statutory General Meeting, Councillor Harvey Johnston has been re-elected by fellow Councillors as Convener of Orkney Islands Council.

Councillor Leslie Manson was re-elected as Depute Leader of OIC.

They will serve alongside Leader James Stockan, who was elected by fellow councillors to the role for the full five-year term of the Council following the Local Government Elections in May 2017.

Elections to appoint the Convener, Depute Leader and Chairs of Committees are held two years into the ‘life’ or term of an elected Council.

Appointments made at today’s meeting will remain in place for the rest of the term of this Council, until the next Local Government Elections scheduled to take place in May 2022.

The following appointments for Chairs of council Committees were also made at today’s meeting:

  • Chair of Orkney Health and Care - Councillor Rachael King.
  • Chair of Education, Leisure and Housing - Councillor Gwenda Shearer.
  • Chair of Development and Infrastructure - Councillor Graham Sinclair.
  • Chair of Planning - Councillor Rob Crichton.
  • Chair of Monitoring and Audit - Councillor John Richards.

Vice Chairs will be elected at the next meetings of the Committees.

A full list of committee memberships will be published on the Council website in due course.

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