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Have your say on sustainable energy strategy

Have your say on sustainable energy strategy
14 March 2017

Local people are being asked for their opinions on priorities for achieving a more sustainable future for Orkney’s energy supply, as part of a consultation being run by Orkney Islands Council.

The Council has updated the Sustainable Orkney Energy Strategy, first published in 2009 on behalf of the wider community following a number of engagement events with stakeholders including an workshop facilitated by Orkney Renewable Energy Forum with its members in December 2016. The revised draft is now being published for public consultation.

OIC’s Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure, Gavin Barr, said: “There’s been considerable progress on a lot of the aims sets out in the 2009 Strategy.

“At the same time however we’ve seen significant changes in policy and regulation, and delays to ambitions for a better grid connection for the county.
“This grid constraint remains a target, but it has meanwhile created opportunity out of necessity, with exciting developments in recent years in energy storage and other smart infrastructure ideas.

“This revised Strategy aims to reflect all of this, and to give the Orkney community the opportunity to be proactively involved in helping shape the development of local energy resources.

“Orkney has the potential to forge its own unique sustainable future and lead the way in transforming communities from reliance on fossil fuels to a sustainable energy network.

“But to do this, we need to have a clear plan for tackling the bottlenecks and obstacles and work together.

“We want to get people’s thoughts on whether we have the mix of actions and priorities right in this revised Strategy.

“All responses and feedback received will be considered carefully before a final version of the strategy is produced for consideration by the Orkney Partnership (Orkney’s statutory community planning partnership).

“It will then help guide and coordinate efforts towards sustainable energy initiatives across the county.

“Having a community-backed strategy also helps our case as a Council when lobbying government or applying for external funding for projects.”

The draft Sustainable Orkney Energy Strategy 2017-2025 sets out four ambitions for Orkney’s energy future:

  • The achievement of ambitious carbon reduction targets.
  • The reduction and eradication of fuel poverty in Orkney.
  • Positioning Orkney as the globally recognised innovation region to develop solutions for the world’s energy systems challenges.
  • Ensure a secure energy supply during transition to a low carbon future.

To help reach these goals, the strategy sets out an action plan based around five key themes:

  • Maximum Local Value and Efficiency (from local resources).
  • Smart Low Carbon Transport and Heat.
  • Secure transition to renewable and low carbon energy systems.
  • Smart, supportive infrastructure investment.
  • Develop and influence policy: delivering access to energy markets.

The draft strategy and a response form has been published on the Council website. Paper copies of the strategy and response form are also available from the Warehouse Buildings in Stromness and from the Council’s Customer Services in Kirkwall.

The closing date for comments is 30 April 2017. To provide feedback, please complete the respondent forms and email to the Council's Economic Development team or post to FAO Energy Strategy, Economic Development, Orkney Islands Council, 14 Queen Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1JE.