Grounds maintenance update for 2019

Grounds maintenance update for 2019
25 April 2019

The Council has announced where grounds maintenance work will be focused over the months ahead.

Following representation from the public to Elected Members, the grass in some areas will be cut more frequently than it was during 2018.

These include the Peedie Sea and the Bignold Park in Kirkwall, the Market Green in Stromness, the Firth School pitch in Finstown and the St Colm’s Quadrant play area in Longhope. In other areas there will be less frequent grounds maintenance than a year ago.

Leslie Manson, Depute Council Leader and a Councillor for Kirkwall West and Orphir, said: “The grass cutting and other grounds maintenance arrangements we had in place for 2018 generated much public comment and debate.

“Councillors received representation from people asking for a different approach this year. Residents requested more frequent grass cutting in some areas - around the Peedie Sea, for example.

“Folk have also told us they’d be willing to see reduced grass cutting in other less well-used areas and the fact is, money is tight and we can’t keep grounds maintenance at past levels.

“We listened to what people said to us, discussed this with council officers and feel there’s now a way forward that reflects the majority view on where our grass cutting efforts should be focused during the Spring and Summer.”

Compared to 2018, there will be an increase in grounds maintenance this year:

In Kirkwall at:

  • The Bignold Park.
  • The Peedie Sea.
  • Papdale play park.
  • Hatston industrial estate.
  • Grainshore Road.
  • Kirkwall Marina.
  • Peedie Breeks nursery.

In Stromness at:

  • Stromness Academy.
  • The Market Green.
  • Marwick playing field.

In Finstown at:

  • Firth School pitch.

In Longhope at:

  • St Colm’s Quadrant play area.

There will be reduced grounds maintenance:

In Kirkwall at:

  • Weyland Road.
  • Broadsands Road play park.
  • Manse Road amenity space and play park.
  • Rope Walk and Watson Close.

In Stromness at:

  • Faraval.
  • Pumpwell Park.

With pressure on budgets expected to increase over the years ahead, the Council is planning a full review during 2019 of how grounds maintenance is carried out in future and will be engaging with the public on this.

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