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Council teams up with Orkney Zerowaste for after-Christmas re-use and recycle event

Council teams up with Orkney Zerowaste for after-Christmas re-use and recycle event
21 December 2016

Orkney Islands Council’s Waste Management team has organised a collection of unwanted electrical and household goods and items for the New Year.
With most households experiencing an influx of shiny new goods into the home as part of the festive season, many of the old items find themselves headed for the local household waste recycling centre.

During 2016 Orkney Islands Council shipped 117 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment off Orkney for re-processing, equating to approximately 6kg per person.

In an effort to reduce this figure this year, the Council has teamed up with Orkney Zerowaste Ltd. to provide drop off points for unwanted items for two days in January, with items being passed on to local charities around Orkney.

The drop off events run on January 10 and 13, between 10:30 and 14:00. Items will be accepted at the Orkney Zerowaste Yard in Stromness or Garson Household Waste Recycling Centre in Stromness or at the Hatston Recycling Centre in Kirkwall. You can also take them to Scott’s House at Grainshore Road, Hatston where refreshments will be available and staff will be on hand to give you advice about recycling and re-use.

Scott's House, Grainshore Road.All items brought in will be weighed so that the Council can determine a figure on how much waste has been diverted from other potential forms of disposal.
People dropping off items can also enter a raffle with one or two prizes by way of a thank you from us.

Any reusable items, provided they are still in working order, will be accepted including electrical items, furniture, clothing and toys.

It is estimated that more than 3 million tonnes of rubbish will be created this Christmas in Britain - more than half of this could be recycled or re-used.

Jayne Venables, the Council’s Waste Strategy Officer said: “Just after Christmas is the perfect time to consider how our waste and recycling habits have an impact. Unwanted Christmas gifts or old items that are being replaced with new models can be reused or recycled to have a positive effect on the environment.

“Many of us have received Christmas presents which we may not want to keep, or which will replace items which can still be used. In either case, rather than throwing them away, we are encouraging people to donate them for reuse.”