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Beware bogus calls

Beware bogus calls
16 January 2018

Police Scotland and the Council’s Trading Standards Team are reminding consumers of the need to be wary when receiving unsolicited calls claiming to be from businesses such as BT or Microsoft, following advice that a local residence has lost a substantial sum of money in a scam.

Trading Standards Manager, Gary Foubister, advises: “Scam and unsolicited calls are the most complained about subject at present to trading standards.

“Many of these calls originate outwith the EU – much of the time posing with UK dialling codes – meaning stopping the calls and prosecuting businesses making the bogus calls is very difficult for enforcement agencies.

“On this occasion, the consumer was falsely told the caller was from BT and was calling as they were aware that the consumer’s broadband was being fraudulently used.

“The consumer subsequently gave the caller remote access to their computer and enough information about their internet bank accounts for a substantial amount - a five figure sum - to be removed from their account.

“Consumers should remember that it is highly unlikely that legitimate callers from BT – or unsolicited calls from any business – would need remote access to your computer, and they certainly would not need any internet banking information.”

If any consumer receives calls they are unsure about, they are urged to report their concerns to Trading Standards at Orkney Islands Council on 01856873535 or by email. Alternatively contact Police Scotland on 101.