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Barrier road signs to be installed

Barrier road signs to be installed
05 April 2017

Temporary road signs will be installed next week advising a 40mph speed limit on the first Churchill Barrier.

This follows a recent inspection which showed there has been a deterioration in the condition of the road surface across part of the causeway.

Darren Richardson, Orkney Islands Council’s Head of Infrastructure, said: “We carry out regular road surface condition inspections every three months as part of the Council’s roads management maintenance plan.

“For some time, we have been planning a specialised survey of the First Barrier, which will produce a detailed 3D picture of the road surface. This is due to be carried out later this month.

“In preparation for the 3D survey, we recently undertook an additional and detailed visual inspection. From this we could see that there has been a progressive and recent deterioration of the road surface on part of the barrier. The level of deterioration is such that we need to ask drivers to take greater care when crossing the causeway.

“As a result, we have taken the operational decision to introduce an advisory speed limit of 40mph on the First Barrier. We will be putting up signs next week that advise drivers to keep to this speed limit and be aware of the uneven road surface.”

The 3D survey will provide a clear picture of the current condition of the surface of the road on the First Barrier. Options will then be considered on how to address the deterioration the inspection has detected.

Lane closures will be needed while the 3D survey is taking place. This will result in disruption for drivers and other road users. Further information will be provided before the work gets underway.