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Asking for Orkney Opinions

Asking for Orkney Opinions
03 July 2017

A new public consultation group is about to provide feedback for the first time.

Orkney Opinions has been set up to give a group of residents the opportunity to comment on a range of topics.

To date, 120 people have accepted an invitation from Orkney Islands Council to become part of the group.

The first survey will arrive either by letter or email from the Council’s Corporate Services team, depending on the option chosen by each of the group members.

It will ask for their views on a redesign of the OIC website – part of a project to make it easier in future for people to interact with the Council online.

Gillian Morrison, OIC’s Executive Director of Corporate Services, said: “We would like to thank everyone who has agreed to be part of Orkney Opinions and look forward to the feedback from the first survey.

“There is a balanced mix of men and women in the group and good representation across the age groups and from communities across the county.

“It means we can ask for views from interested local residents when a range of views is sought on a wide variety of topics.”

Invitations letters for Orkney Opinions were sent to people whose names were selected at random from the Open Register of Electors.

Group members will be asked to provide feedback on around four surveys annually.