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Committee Membership

Committee membership of the newly formed Council following the Local Government Elections on May 3 2012 has now been determined.

Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees are as follows:


Standing Committees:


Development and Infrastructure Committee:

  • Chair: Councillor James Stockan
  • Vice Chair: Councillor Graham Sinclair
  • Membership: Janice Annal; Steven Heddle; Gwenda Shearer; Bill Stout; David Tullock; Maurice Davidson; Jimmy Moar; Andrew Drever; Jim Foubister; Stephen Hagan


Education, Leisure and Housing Committee:

  • Chair: Councillor Janice Annal
  • Vice Chair: Councillor Harvey Johnston
  • Membership: Steven Heddle; Alan Clouston; John Richards; Rob Crichton; Alistair Gordon; Owen Tierney; Jim Foubister; Russ Madge; Stephen Clackson


Monitoring and Audit Committee:

  • Chair: Councillor David Tullock
  • Vice Chair: Councillor Bill Stout
  • Membership: Bill Stout; Alan Clouston; John Richards; Rob Crichton; Jimmy Moar


Orkney Health and Care:

  • Chair: Gillian Skuse (NHS Orkney)
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Russ Madge
  • Current membership: Janice Annal; John Richards; Stephen Hagan; Alan Clouston


Policy and Resources Committee:

  • Chair: Convener Steven Heddle
  • Vice Chair: Vice Convener Jim Foubister
  • Membership: All Councillors


Regulatory Committees:


Planning Committee:

  • Chair: Rob Crichton
  • Vice-Chair: Owen Tierney
  • Membership: Steven Heddle; Bill Stout; Maurice Davidson; James Stockan; Alistair Gordon, Harvey Johnston; Andrew Drever; Jim Foubister; Stephen Hagan; Graham Sinclair


Licensing Sub-committee:

  • Chair: John Richards
  • Vice Chair: Owen Tierney
  • Membership: Gwenda Shearer; David Tullock; Jimmy Moar; Russ Madge; Stephen Clackson; Graham Sinclair


Details of each of the Standing Committees of Orkney Islands Council are outlined in the Committee Membership document, and can be downloaded from the Related Downloads section on this page. 

Elected Members of Orkney Islands Council also serve on a number of joint committees, working groups and other bodies. Details of appointments are also outlined in the Committee Membership document.