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Public warned again over Windows online support scam
11 January 2012

Orkney Islands Council’s Trading Standards Service is warning consumers that a scam involving home computers is targeting Orkney residents once again, with over 10 reports received by the team in the last two days.

In the current scam, people pretending to be from Microsoft Windows make unsolicited telephone calls to homes.

They inform the householder that they have received an error message from their PC and then offer to take you through the steps needed to fix or diagnose the “problem”.

However, there are concerns that the instructions provided may install remote control software onto your computer - and this may give third parties remote access to your computer, possibly enabling them to track personal details such as account numbers and passwords.

Unsuspecting customers are also asked to provide bank account details in order to pay a service fee – with the claim that this will effectively insure their computer for its lifetime. It is believed that the calls are made in India.

It is worth noting that Microsoft never makes unsolicited calls to consumers offering to fix their computer problems or to ask for payment details.

Anyone who is targeted by this scam, or suspects they have been the target or victim of any other scam, can contact Trading Standards on 01856 873535 or by email for further advice.