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Protecting adults from harm
09 January 2012

A new leaflet aimed at helping to protect adults from abuse is published this week.

The special publication, produced by Orkney Adult Protection Committee, highlights how to look out for signs of abuse – and provides advice on where to turn if someone is or appears to be at risk.

Copies of the leaflet will be included with The Orcadian on Thursday, January 12.

“It’s easy to forget that adults can be abused too,” said Malcolm Bell, the independent convener of the committee.

“Abuse can happen at any time and in any place.  Abusers can be anyone from complete strangers to people the person being abused knows and trusts, including family members.”

Orkney Adult Protection Committee brings together representatives of Orkney Island Council, NHS Orkney, Northern Constabulary, the voluntary sector, and the Procurator Fiscal service.

Its aim is to help prevent acts of intentional and unintentional harm and neglect against people who are unable to protect themselves because of a physical or mental illness, disability or infirmity.

“Abuse can take many forms and can include physical, sexual and financial abuse,” said Mr Bell.

“This leaflet contains examples of signs which may indicate someone is or has been abused and is intended to raise the profile of adult protection work in Orkney.  We all have a duty to look out for and help prevent abuse of some of the most at-risk people in our society.”

Caroline Sinclair, head of health and community care with Orkney Health and Care, added: “It can be difficult to know what to do if you are concerned that someone is affected by abuse – or at risk of abuse.

“The leaflet provides advice on who you can contact and will hopefully help ensure that people receive the support and protection they need.”

The leaflet is titled Adult Support and Protection – Act Against Harm in Orkney.