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This blog ran in August and September 2010 and is now closed for further comment. You can still read responses by following the links to the left.

High quality education … support for vulnerable people … ferry services for our scattered communities … waste collection … roads maintenance … council housing. Just some of the many services run by your local Council. Our work touches almost every aspect of life across Orkney.

Our Tough Times – Tough Choices blog was the first online forum of its kind to be run on the OIC website. Over a four week period we canvassed your views on the best ways for the Council to make savings. We received around 240 replies and more than 520 ideas – a tremendous response. The blog has closed for further comment now, but you can still follow the links to the left to see what was said.

Remember, you can email or write to us with your ideas for savings at Tough Times team, Orkney Islands Council, School Place, Kirkwall, KW15 1NY.

I’d like to thank all those who took part. All your ideas have been shared with Councillors and with the senior managers who run Council services and have helped shape our thinking as we continue to make difficult decisions about the best way forward for OIC.

Stephen Hagan, Council Convener 

We asked:

  1. PRIORITIES: We are facing tough times. What do you regard as our priority services?
  2. ROADS: The condition of our roads is amongst the best in Scotland. What would you think if we spent less on roads maintenance to protect other important services?
  3. EDUCATION: We’re proud of our schools service. In tough times, should we consider merging some of our smaller schools – so we can save money while still providing our children with an excellent education? Can you think of other ways we could make savings from our education budget?
  4. TRANSPORT: Our internal air and ferry services are a lifeline for our isles communities. How can we make substantial savings while still providing a regular service for the isles?
  5. CARE: We have an ageing population. More and more older people are going to need our care and support in the years ahead. How could we make substantial savings in this area, and other areas of care involving other service users, while still maintaining a high standard of care? (Orkney Islands Council and NHS Orkney provide the money for Orkney Health and Care to deliver joint services such as these.)
  6. HAS THE COUNCIL THOUGHT ABOUT ...? We welcome your good ideas. Please get in touch with cost saving suggestions for OIC. 

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