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Strategic Environmental Assessment - Local Transport Strategy 2007

Release Date: Jul 13, 2007

As part of the preparation of the Orkney Islands Local Transport Strategy, Orkney Islands Council has carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Strategy. SEA is a systematic method for considering the likely environmental effects of certain plans, programmes or strategies and is required by the Environmental Assessment Scotland Act 2005.

The purpose of SEA is to integrate environmental consideration into the Strategy, and this is achieved in two ways:

SEA allows the potential environmental impacts of the Strategy to be predicted and, where appropriate, these predictions can be used to inform the development of the policies in the Strategy.

In setting out the predicted environmental impacts in an Environmental Report, the public and other stakeholders can give their view on the Strategy and its potential impacts.

The Environmental Report presents the findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Orkney Islands Local Transport Strategy.

The Post Adoption Statement describes how environmental considerations have been integrated into the Orkney Islands Local Transport Strategy and how the Environmental Report has been taken into account.

The SEA of the Local Transport Strategy and its appendices are available in Portable Document Format from the Related Downloads section of this web page.

Information about the Local Transport Strategy for 2007 - 2010 is available from the Related Links section.

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