Orkney Islands Council
Working together for a better Orkney

Decision Making

Politically, OIC is unusual among local authorities in having 21 independent councillors. With no party line to tread, the members of our council can truly claim to be servants of the communities they represent.

The Councillors sit on seven main committees. Each committee makes recommendations connected to a particular area of the council’s work, such as Education or Community Social Services. A cycle of meetings involving each of the committees takes place five times a year. Once a cycle has been completed, a meeting of the full council is held. All 21 Councillors take part – and make final decisions on the recommendations made by the committees.

Public Meetings

The committees and the full Council meet in public. Meetings can be watched in comfort from the public gallery at the rear of the Council chamber. A new sound system ensures debates are heard loud and clear, with special equipment on offer for people with impaired hearing.

Once decisions are made the work of the Council is carried out by seven main Council Services.

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